The founders and engineers of the firm combined their previous experiences of many years in plastic and machinery industry and transferred to machine design and production for innovation and development in the sector.

The research and development studies with in the firm are performed by the expert engineers. Kuatro develops and offers to the service of the customers technological products besides the key turn delivery plastic pipelines. Our MISSION which defines reason of existence of our company and which values are produced for the customers; Offering fast, quality, affordable products to the customers all the times and everywhere by prodiving customer-focused extrusion solutions.

Our VISION which expresses the future desired to be established by our Company and the point where our Company aims to reach; being the most correct address which carries the customers to the future in extrusion solutions.

Our VALUES which represents the cultural values that define the series of beliefs which makes our Company unique and character of our company are as follows;
We are Customer-Oriented, Reliable, Innovative, Responsile and Self-Sacrificing. Our strength is Solidarity and Team Spirit.

Information about the company according to the Turkish Trade Law no 6102.



Our firm continuously works with the prominent companies that are forefront in our country and abroad. You may contact us through communication channels in order to obtain detailed information about our references.