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Kuatro -Plast presents coilers at three different dimensions for 16mm-32mm , 20mm-63mm and 50mm-125mm diameters produced fully automatic. We can add Pipe Diversion Unit to our torque controlled coilers as an option.

The possibility of easy packing is provided thanks to is mechanism designed for connection of the pipe end to the rill at the end of rill coiling.
Our coilers that are suitable to natural gas pipe production allows safety and obtaining of quality rill with the features of serial operation and being able to adjusted to desired torque value.

With PLC Touchscreen Panel Control Unit, Kuatro-Plast coilers allow you to control the diameter of the coiled pipe, speed and torque values easily.

Our coilers which we produced for 16-32mm and 20-63mm diameters works accurately in a synchronize manner with the production line.


Model Pipe Diameters Type Speed Flippers A (mm) B (mm) D Inner Diameter Min/Max. D Outer Diameter Max.
KDC32 16-32 mm Double 70m/min 4 300 260 350 - 700 mm 1220 mm
KDC63 20 - 63 mm Double 30m/min 6 500 260 400 - 1000 mm 1520 mm
KSC110 40 - 110 mm Double / Single 15m/min 8 1000/550 500 900 - 2250 mm 3250 mm
KSC125 63 - 125 mm Double / Single 15m/min 8 1000/650 500 1250 - 2500 mm 3500 mm