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Kuatro 35/45/60/65/75/90/120

37D extruders which are manufactured for maximum performance is the best screw especially for PP and PE 100.

Main Advantages:
 Higher output up to % 40 (compared to previous extruders).
 Excellent homogeneous melting at low temperatures.
 New Feeding Technology to provide optimum feeding.
 AC servo motor and drivers for low energy consumption.

Main Features:
 High performance single screw extruders for pipe extrusion.
 Especially suitable for PP and PE processing.
 PE plain and corrugated pipes.
 37D screw and special mixer zone.
 Output up to 1200 kg/hour capacity.


Type Ø
(Kg/h) PE
(Kg/h) PP
Power (k/W)
 Kuatro 25 25 22 3 2 2.2
 Kuatro 30 30 22 10 7 2.2
 Kuatro 35 35 33 50 40 15
 Kuatro 45 45 37 120 100 30
 Kuatro 60 60 37 250-300 200-240 55
 Kuatro 65 65 37 350-400 250-300 75
 Kuatro 75 75 37 500-550 400-450 120
 Kuatro 90 90 37 750-800 500-550 180
 Kuatro 120 120 33 1100-1200 750-850 300


Different design approach used in Compact serial and standard versions provides options for different applications. The operator panel can be mounted on electric cabinet, as well as in co-extrusion applications can be portable modular panel or suspended as a lever.


Screws have emerged as a result of many R & D work and trials, and they are original designs of our company. Screw and barrel are designed to achieve especially low energy consumption besides high-output capacity and preparation of excellent melt homogeneity. Our standard screw and barrel material is nitride 1.8550 steel. Moreover, Bimetal barrel is used for aggressive products such as glass fibre reinforced PP barrel. After several optimization screw length was decided as L/D 37.


New technology Asynchronous Servo Motors have lots of advantages compared to DC motors. Therefore, we as Kuatro prefers AC servo-motor with a square body that are maintenance free and ensure optimum performance even at low rpm in our extruders.


Square body gear boxes which are reinforced with heavy type impression bearings that will bear the back pressure load are used in the new technology square body extruders. The Gear-box units are helical type and are Italian or Turkish gear boxes. Depending on the type of extruder long body (for compact range) ör normal body gear boxes can be used.


PLC control system is used in extruder automation. Many data related to extruder is submitted to the user through touch panel by being processed thanks to PLC. Many data is presented to the user with the best interfaces with the programs developed as a result of long term studies and experiences of our firm.


In extruder automation gravimetric system which ensures kg/hour and/or kg/meter control integrated to control system is used optionally. control system integrated gravimetric system is presented as an optional to control kg / h and / ör kg / m. Thanks to this system both a better quality product may be obtained and waste costs may be decreased.